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Low cost solutions to stay connected.

It’s crazy to think about but this is true — there has never been a time where actively engaging with your brand’s audience was more important. With social media, review sites, forums, and more, there are many ways that any one brand may be a part of the daily conversation to establish brand loyalty and we know how to handle this in cost-effective ways. Keep your costs down, keep your internal staff on task, and let FoundSimply handle your brand’s day to day audience engagement.

Joining the Conversation

  • Priced by how much you actually need
  • Weekly, daily, or hourly social posting & community engagement
  • “Brand Listening” – Know if and when somebody mentions your product or service
  • Daily or Weekly monitoring and response to online reviews
  • No fluff, just what you need to keep up with the online crowd.

What's the price of a conversation?

In a word? Affordable. Our social profile management, reviews management, and brand listening services are designed to be “background services” that support a strong brand identity outside of actual marketing campaigns. For most, social media management will cost $400/month and reviews management costs $250/month. Brand listening is free. Let’s talk about your needs.

Ongoing, Steady Engagement

This is how it works:


Meet & determine your actual needs


Architect messaging strategy and content plan


We take over your online profiles


Weekly engagement & activity reports -- to your inbox.


No dead-air, just value add.

Lets get started today

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