Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Foundations


Dramatically improve website traffic, get found.

Our founding team includes some very senior leaders in search optimization. We’ve lead SEO initiatives for over 100 companies, we’ve seen it all, and we’ll know how to handle your site just the same.

For most companies, SEO should be thought of like a building block more than a marketing activity. SEO tells search engines what you do and ensures that they have no problem indexing you. Marketing makes the ranking move.

How We Approach SEO

Too many business owners have bought into the snake-oil that many “SEO companies” sell. It’s simply not as complex as most make it out to be.

The complexities come into play when a website itself suffers from technical issues related to development that may hinder performance — something often referred to as “Technical SEO” when approached with search engines in mind. We’ll handle these issues when they arise but they are not the norm.

Most of the time, we’ll want to establish basic SEO hygiene within your website and ensure that you have the right pages in place — with the right navigation structure — to perform well for both visitors and for the search engines.

Our optimization efforts are meant to be quickly executed and professional. Let’s not get stuck in SEO while thinking we’re doing marketing for your website well. It’s simply a building block for what comes next. Let’s get it done.

30 Days

This is how it works:


Meet & determine foundational needs


We lay out the 30 day deliverable calendar


Our team takes over to execute


Executive activity review & ideation for future marketing strategy


Lets get started today

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