Intro to Digital Marketing: The Business Owner's Guide

A Guide to Understanding the Basics and Avoiding Traps

40+ Pages, Free for All

Our entire business is based around decreasing the fluff in marketing, removing the smoke and mirrors, and making good marketing more accessible and clear-focused for business owners.

In an effort to make business owners even more empowered to make good decisions with their marketing budget, our founders sat down to write a first-of-its-kind eBook aimed directly at business owners – not marketers – to help them understand the core fundamentals of online marketing just enough to act smartly.

With the insights and guidance in this free eBook, you’ll learn all about the fundamental terms we use in digital marketing, common agency practices, services you can handle yourself, and services you should consider critically before ever paying for. It’s your budget, use it wisely.

To access the eBook, just click the link to the right and the PDF will open for download. Enjoy reading and let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

Never Guess Again

  • Written in plain english, for busy owners
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