Our Promise

Keep this in mind when hiring us.

The Short One:

We promise transparency, no BS, and realistic goal setting that points your budget in a smart direction. Our team will always put 100% of our decades of combined experience towards growing your company and establishing market leadership. We also promise to speak frankly and to become part of your team.

The Long One:

We literally started FoundSimply with a complaint. Over coffee at Austin’s own Stinson’s Bistro, our founders discussed the numerous problems with agencies these days and just how much crap companies have to swim through to get honest services. We wanted to build something better.

FoundSimply was built on a principle of never misleading a client, never cashing checks without a direction we believe in, and always looking critically at our own operations to improve. We value transparency intimately and we believe that what gets measured gets better managed.

For that reason, we have a policy of weekly reports, open dialogue, and critical review of activity with clients and we believe that this creates a better relationship in the long term. Trust is everything to us and we want our clients to see us as valuable parts of their own leadership team.

We strictly do not hire recent graduates or entry-level employees and we require proven backgrounds in actual vertical leadership before ever asking a new member to join. This means that the team you work with are people you know by name, people you know the backgrounds of, and people that you truly enjoy hearing from as they grow your company.

Finally, if you live in Austin, we also promise to be available to you in person when needed. We like getting a beer with our clients and we love it when they step into the office. Let’s grow your company.

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Proudly working from Austin, Texas for 12 years